How it Works

kWurd is an email writing AI coach application for you. with useful features, an intuitive interface
and powerful design built by a team of communication, AI experts & developers. It helps you focus
on what you do best.

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What you get

Communication Style

Your communication style of your email indicates
how your reader perceives you. Does he or she
see you as passive, aggressive, assertive,
passive-aggressive or neutral? You want to be
assertive in your communication.


Clarity means the email is highly readable, crisp, visually appealing, well- structured and has a clear purpose. A Clear email ensures that the communication gap between the sender and the receiver is minimized. This leads to increased productivity at both ends.

Writing Style

Writing Style means you followed the correct writing etiquettes. Do you have the right opening and closing? Are there any casual or informal words? All words are spelled correctly and have the right grammar. Is your email sounding like an amateur or a professional?


Empathy score of your email means how well you understood, appreciated, connected, and respected the reader's feelings and emotions.

Sentiment & Emotion

Text sentiment is the feeling the reader gets overall in reading your email. It could be positive, negative or neutral. Emotions generated can be joy, sad, angry, disgust, sadness and fear.

Spelling & Grammar

The Spelling and Grammar score indicates the number of errors that continue to show up you have made in your email. These errors are counted after clicking the analyze button.

Word Statistics

Word Statistics These are statistics on your written
text. They tell you how many pet and filler you
had, number of unique words and I statements,
sentence length and whether you used data or

Awesome Features

kWurd is your personal AI email coach. It takes the pressure off of you by ensuring no angry, sad or amateurish email leaves your mail box.

Meet Our Expert Team Members

A love for language, people, artificial intelligence, coaching & communication. Is what describes us

Jenny Sarang
Shammi Pant
Chief Information Officer
Pankaj Gupta
Marketing Head
Sahil Malik

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      Email Scoring & Report
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    • Unlimited Email Credits
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    • Unlimited Email Credits
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      Email Scoring & Report
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