Self-Assessment – What Is Your Communication Style?

Use this tool to assess your communication style. For each statement below, indicate which option accurately describes you. Be honest. Pick the most applicable answer.

Total Score :

  1. It is difficult for me to accept a compliment, appreciation, or positive feedback.

  2. I prefer not to criticize others, even if I am sure they are wrong.

  3. I feel comfortable asking my boss for a raise/promotion if I think I deserve it.

  4. I avoid dealing with difficult situations involving confrontation.

  5. I feel people take advantage of me.

  6. Talking to people in positions of authority makes me feel nervous, self-conscious, or unsure of myself.

  7. I feel and act self-confident.

  8. I express my opinions, even if others in the group disagree with me.

  9. I am able to speak openly about my feelings.

  10. If I am not satisfied with the service in a restaurant, I let the waiter know.

  11. Opinionated people make me feel uncomfortable.

  12. Most people around me seem to be more assertive than I am.

  13. I have nothing to lose by asking questions in front of other people.

  14. To meet new people and make new friends, one has to get out, find them, and invest some time and energy.

  15. When an argument is over, I replay the situation in my head, thinking of all the things I could have said, regretting that I hadn’t thought of them then, or wishing I had the guts to say them.

  16. If my neighbors made too much noise, I would let them know.

  17. I feel comfortable saying “No”.

  18. I am able to express my unhappiness with a friend, family member or a spouse if I think it’s justified.

  19. Instead of arguing, I tend to accept responsibility for other people’s mistakes.

  20. When a friend or family member borrows something from me and forgets to return it, I feel comfortable reminding her/him.

Total Score :