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“The ability to express oneself is perhaps the most important of all the skills a man can possess.”  According to Peter Drucker, a management expert.

As of 2018, there are 124 billion business emails and a 111 billion consumer emails sent and received each day. Whether you work for a company or for yourself or are a student, email is an integral mode of communication and will play a major role in your success.

Why is email writing important?

  • According to The Society for Human Resource Management, there is an “average loss per company of $62.4 million per year because of inadequate communication to and between employees”.
  • The Email Sender wants to communicate something. Share information. Ask for an approval. Apply for a job. Give Bad News. Influence action.
  • Has the Email Receiver understood the information in the same way? You want a 100% match.

Unfortunately, there is a gap between what you meant and what the person understood. If your email is professionally written, the reader gets a positive feeling, good impression, respects you, and responds quickly to your email.

If your email is poorly written, the reader may do one of these actions:

  • Act based on wrong assumptions.
  • Forget your email
  • Answer only a part of what you asked.
  • Get angry or frustrated
  • Follow up with many questions.

A professionally written email includes seven parts: Communication Style, Clarity, Writing Style, Empathy, Sentiment & Emotion, Spelling & Grammar, and Word Statistics.

  • Communication Style means the feeling the reader gets while reading your email. You could write a clear and expert email but if the reader feels it is passive, aggressive, or passive-aggressive, it hurts your relationship and image with that person. You want your email to be assertive.
  • Clarity means the email is highly readable, crisp, visually appealing, well- structured and has a clear purpose.
  • Writing Style means you followed the correct writing etiquettes. Do you have the right opening and closing? Are there no casual or informal words? All words are spelled correctly and have the right grammar. Is your email sounding like an amateur or a professional?
  • Empathy means how well you understood, appreciated, connected, and respected the reader’s feelings and emotions.
  • Spelling and Grammar means the number of errors that continue to show up you have made in your email. These errors are counted after clicking the analyze button.
  • Sentiment is the feeling the reader gets overall in reading your email. It could be positive, negative, or neutral. Emotion is defined by the type of words that you used. There are five types of text emotion: joy, anger, sadness, disgust, and fear.
  • Word Statistics will tell you how many pet and filler words you had, number of unique words and I statements, sentence length and whether you used data or not.

Getting your email writing skills correct can improve your productivity, relationships, and business results.

Writing with a bang, crisply, clearly, and effectively has never been easier. kWurd the world’s first AI based Email coach gives you feedback on all the above 7 parameters within seconds.


It also tracks your email scores over time and shares interesting insights with you:

1.  Overall Score and trend: This chart display’s the overall average score of your emails, compares your score to other kWurd users and tell you your percentile and displays the trends chart. It clarifies how you re competitively placed in your writing skills and if over time you are seeing your scores improve.

1. Overall Score and trend

2.  Communication Style and Sentiment pie charts: This takes stock of all your emails and tells you your predominant communication style and sentiment. This is helpful in unearthing black boxes. As at times we have a vastly different impression of our writing visa vis how it is perceived. Once you see the presence of negative sentiment and unhealthy communication style, you can become more self-aware.

3.  Empathy and Data Histograms: These graphs give you the number of emails which had empathy and data points, respectively. You want at least 85% + emails to be empathetic.

Go to now and start analyzing your emails today by the AI Coach!

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