Email is growing at a phenomenal rate!

From 267 Billion emails in 2017 today worldwide we are sending 303 Billion emails every day. That is a growth rate of a whopping 30% taking 2017 as the base year. And guess what the numbers are still growing by 2023 we will be sending 347 Billion emails per day.

And what does it translate to when it comes to number of email users. 4 Billion! Practically half the world’s population! Sizeable is it not? 4 years from now the number is going to grow to 4.5 Billion that is a 12.5% growth.

1. What email clients are people using?

Apple and Google are the top contenders. In 2018, Gmail accounted for 27 percent of e-mail opens, ranking behind the Apple iPhone e-mail client with 29 percent of e-mail opens. Considering Gmail started in 2004 it is an admirable growth in 14 years. It has approximately 1.5 Billion users. The fact that Apple and Gmail are the most prominent email clients also highlights the dominance of mobile app as a medium for exchanging mails. Mobile e-mail accounted for 50 percent of opens as of December 2018, whereas webmail accounted for 39 percent.

Not surprising given how our whole world is slowly getting assembled in a smart phone.

2. What are the New Gmail Features:

Here are the latest features that Gmail has added:

Respond to emails with Smart Reply suggestions. Using AI (artificial intelligence) Gmail can intuitively guess what you want to write and as you start typing out your sentence it completes it for you. While it does not work for every mail given you might want to type out responses in your own words, however for a short swift response it is a good tool. Can help increase your productivity and decrease your email response time.

Confidentially send emails & attachments.

While this feature is not available for G Suite customers for now it is a great thing to use when you want to send confidential data and have control on who can and cannot see your email.

By turning on Confidential mode you can protect sensitive messages and documents by:

  1. Setting an expiration date to your email.
  2. Set the condition where you need a password to open the email.
  3. Prevent forwarding, downloading, copying, and pasting.

Snooze emails until later

This feature helps you in managing the time you spend on your emails. You can prioritize your email box and decide what needs your immediate attention vis-a-vis what can wait for later. The snooze functionality allows you to snooze the mail with a reminder set for a later time when it is convenient for you to work on it.

  • Given what we have seen above that Email has a massive reach and integrates so well with our life line – the smart phones, you would not be surprised to know that Email remains ahead of all other platforms as a marketing channel. It had a median ROI of 122%—more than four times higher than other marketing formats like social media, direct mail etc.

Some interesting facts:

Like in all growth sectors even in email marketing usage of AI and machine learning is growing in a big way. The key area where AI fits perfectly is being able to make micro segmentation cheaper, less manual, and more precise. As you can segment your customer further into narrower categories. It allows you to increase the level of personalization in your marketing messages. That results in faster and higher conversions.

And our Millennials incidentally are very bullish on emails, 72% of them feel it will exist even 10 years from now!

3. What are the top trends in email writing

So, what are the latest trends in email writing. We are discussing the top 3 here:

1. Mobile responsiveness
Given over 50% of emails are opened on a mobile globally, you need to make sure your emails are conducive with mobiles. What does that mean? It means you must keep in mind that your mail will be viewed on a small screen.  You do not want your users’ scroll time to be exceedingly high otherwise they might get frustrated and leave the mail half unread. The key highlights of your message and call to action buttons should be clearly visible.

2. More text, fewer images
Keep your emails light. No one likes their bandwidth being used up in opening heavy emails with lots of visual images or data. If required, you can email it in 2 parts. Even email marketers have observed that image-heavy emails are not being opened at the rates they used to be. Instead, lots of imagery can make your message look like spam.

3. Minimalist email design
It is a myth that bright colourful images or highlighted text in emails attracts attention. On the contrary, keep it simple, easy to ready and authentic. Get the message across. Clear, crisp email with minimalistic design sells.


Every email that leaves your mailbox is an important customer touchpoint. Whether an external customer or an internal stakeholder keeping them all delighted helps!

Happy Emailing! Go to for improving your email writing skills.

What are some of the latest email writing hacks you have discovered? Do share with us in the comments below.

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